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Contact Dr. Rasu Saiid directly on WhatsApp +971=523266519 for a safe guidance to a medical abortion procedure that will end your pregnancy if undesired anywhere in UAE. It is of basic need for women when it involves their healthcare especially millions of women, or young girls who often gets unwanted pregnancy within Dubai / UAE, Sharjah / Abu Dhabi, Ajman / Fujairah, Al ain / Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and all other parts of the world. A sample of research shows that 1 in 5 pregnancies end in an abortion each year. Perhaps, you are not ready as well to be a mother yet. Don’t worry it is your life and you have the choice to it.  Don’t shy from what you can do with your body.

Despite the need for abortion in UAE,  till date access to safe and legal abortion services is far from reach for all those who may be in need of safe abortion services. And because of this restriction to safe and legal abortion in UAE/Dubai, Dr. Rasu Saiid has taken the risk of attaining to the need of desperate pregnant patients all over UAE. Dr. Saiid is a very understanding and caring doctor always ready to help all patients. Get to the doctor during this situation for best results directly on +971=523266519*&^.

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Talking of abortion in UAE, it is of 2 different types. Medical abortion with pills can terminate pregnancy from 1 to 12 weeks while surgery is done by a trained doctor in a safe clinic or hospital up to 6 months. Both kinds of abortion are safe and effective.

To terminate a pregnancy nowadays is a very common decision that many people take in Dubai/UAE every year. ½ of pregnancies in UAE ends in an abortion and mostly thanks to the help of Dr. Saiid with the best support being offered to undesirable pregnant women in Dubai and over UAE including neighboring countries. It is best you get  rid of your pregnancy as soon as possible WhatsApp +971=523266519 for your 24/7 services and get both delivery and/or pickup service.

Note that; whether abortion is legal or not, it is still very much possible for anyone to access on daily basis safe abortion services from Us. So don’t be afraid or worried reach anytime you can at +971-523.266.519/ website; www.xpatbrothers.com


  1. How do abortion pills it work? How to eat, use the abortion pill?You take pills as instructed by your doctor” Cytotec 200mcg (Misoprostol), part of the Mifegest-kit, Misoclear together with Mifepristone” that end your pregnancy and make your uterus send out the pregnancy tissue within 2 days only.
  2. How effective do abortion pills work?For it to be effective make sure to follow instructions carefully follow each step as given by Dr. Saiid when undergoing the procedure, then be assured of a successful abortion within 2 days only.Pregnancies from 0 to 12 weeks use Misoprostol and Mifepristone the best pills.

Therefore, 1 MTP Kit{Mifegest Kit} is fully sufficient to terminate a pregnancy. This implies 1 MTP kit contains 5 tablets altogether 1 (Mifepristone) and 4 (Misoprostol) tablets. The dosage will differs as well as it can depend on each woman’s body weight  

Take the 5 tablets just as instructed by the doctor. And be sure to get your bleeding back in 2 days.

Dr. Saiid recommends the use of mifepristone combined with misoprostol in pregnancies up to 12 weeks. It will bring back your periods while terminating the pregnancy. Such method is 100% effective. Effectiveness should be verified in 2 weeks after use.

The role of Mifepristone is an anti progesterone which stops the effect of progesterone making the cervix easier to open and promoting contraction of the uterus when exposed to misoprostol..

The abortion takes effect in just 2 days and requires the tablets to be taken in 2 days.

On day one to begin the treatment, (1) Mifepristone is taken through the mouth by swallowing like any normal pills, after swallowing the one mifepristone pill, wait for 24 hours before you use the other set of pills misoprostol, usually four pills.

On day two to end with, Put the (4) misoprostol pills under your tongue and wait till they dissolve before you swallow.For one to tell that an abortion has been successful, one should experience bleeding through the vagina.

The bleeding varies in individuals, some individuals bleed for a much longer duration than others but it’s all normal.

  1. How long does the abortion process take ?

The process takes few minutes just as you get information of the prices and delivery inquiries or pickup location, Dr. Saiid will guide you how to use after you purchase. You take 2 different medicines, up to 2 days apart. You take both of the medicines at home. Most of the time the abortion is over within 24 hours after you take the second set of pills. You’ll have a follow up 24/7 by reaching out on whatsapp helpline +971523266519 to make sure the pills worked.

  1. How safe is abortion ?there exist very low complications when taking the abortion pills in Dubai/UAE. It is a clinically approved medicine over 20 years which has been studied in more than 100 research medical institutes worldwide. As a result of research it has been concluded upon as effective and safe making it less risky for terminating a pregnancy than any other means.
  2. How will I feel after having an Abortion ?how you feel after and abortion depends solely on your personal experience. And as far as our long term experience is concern with each of our clients, some usually feel better after a week, and gets complains in the second week as it is normal for bleeding to last for several weeks. Some have different emotions that they can handle quiet alright. Any different way you might feel is absolute normal as there is no right or wrong way to feel somehow after or during an abortion. Most people are relieved and don’t regret their decision. Others may feel sadness, guilt, or regret after an abortion. These feelings aren’t unique to having an abortion. People feel many different emotions after giving birth, too.

Requirements (items) To Carry Out An Abortion In UAE | DUBAI | ABUDHABI | KUWAIT | QATAR & SAUDI ARABIA1. Abortion pills MTP Kit / Mifegest kit2. Painkillers medications like ibuprofen.3. Sanitary towels / pads4. Clean water5. It is important to have somebody accompany you during a self-managed abortion, especially for abortions after 12 weeks

Therefore Abortion is a basic right to each and every girl child within UAE | Dubai, Qatar | Doha, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and all parts of the Gulf countries plus the Middle East, so contact a professional doctor like Rasu Saiid before you decide on carrying out a medicated abortion thus achieving the best and safest abortion results. +971=523266519

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