Advertiser Guidelines

Advertisers are solely responsible for all information that is submitted to The People’s Classifieds and any consequences that my result from your post. The People’s Classifieds reserves the right at our discretion to refuse or delete content that we believe is inappropriate or that breaches our Terms of Use. We also reserve the right at our discretion to restrict usage of the site either temporarily or permanently or refuse a user registration. Some handy tips to remember:

  • The People’s Classifieds connects buyer, sellers, swappers, we always encourage face-to-face local trading. This means that the majority of users who reply to your Ad will be in your local area.
  • We urge that when you are buying, selling or swapping you should always meet in person to see the item and exchange money, or just the item.
  • To create a better experience for all users, you can only post one Ad per item, service event, etc.
  • Please choose the location and category that is most relevant to your Ad and post one Ad there. Do not post the same Ad repeatedly across categories or locations.
  • Posting duplicate Ads and/or posting the same Ad using a different email address isn’t allowed on The People’s Classifieds. This isn’t fair to other users and is annoying when reviewing search results.
  • For the most part businesses can sell on The People’s Classifieds just like private sellers, however in some cases, businesses or people considered to be advertising for commercial purposes, may be subject to specific limits and/or policies. 
  • For more information on what can’t be sold on The People’s Classifieds, please click here.

Action Policy

  • If you are running an auction to sell your item and the reserve price has been met and the item has been won then you have an obligation to full full your promise of the auction at the final price of the auction at the time it ended.
  • If for some reason you do not full fill your auction obligation the buyer can leave an honest review accordingly to your public profile.
  • We will not intervene with any negative reviews left however if you believe you have received an unfair negative review then you may contact us and briefly explain your situation and it may be removed.