Types Of Ads

The People's Classifieds offers you 7 different ads to choose from.

Once you have you have published your selected ad type and that ad becomes live, you will be unable to change the add type, you will however have the ability to alter details within your add. It is advisable, that you ensure you have chosen the correct ad type prior to publishing your advertisement.

The Available types are:

  1. Sell
  2. Auction
  3. Swap / Trade
  4. Free
  5. Rent / Hire
  6. Job – Offer
  7. Job – Wanted

How Auctions Work?

In order to participate in any auction,  you must first register an account. Once you have an account, simply open any auction advertisement, in the sidebar you will notice a bidding box.

Below input for bid value, you will see the minimum allowable amount you may bid. Once the auction has completed, if you have won, you will receive a confirmation email.

A List of all the auctions in which you are currently a part of or have participated in, are displayed and viewable on your profile under Auctions.

How Do I Make Contact With the Advertiser?

If you would like to retrieve the phone number of the individual placing an ad, go to their profile, or the page of any of their ads and you will notice in the sidebar of the ad a block that sates “Click to reveal phone number", if you then click on or touch that block the phone number will be revealed. If they have not provided a phone number for contact, in the sidebar you can click on or touch the block that states “Contact ad owner". When this block is activated it will create a personal message prompt, once you have initiated a message with the advertiser you can continue your conversation through the personal profile in your account under messages. 

How the Review System Works?

You must have a registered user account with the People's Classifieds.

The Review system is based on satisfaction of interaction, When any interaction takes place between two parties on the site, both parties will have the ability to rate their experience. 

When you make contact with an advertiser and they respond you will have the ability to place a review, as will the advertiser. When you are the advertiser and you respond to a message you have received, you will have the ability to place a review, as will the registered user who made contact with you. 

When users visit your profile they will have the ability to see your overall reviews and even filter your reviews by type.

Once you post a review it can not be changed. Either party that has received a review as a result of dissatisfaction, will have the ability to respond. 

It's quite simple really, treat people the way you expect to be treated.

How to view you favourite ads?

As a registered user with an account, you can add advertisements to your favourites by clicking on or touching the heart symbol within the “Ad Actions" panel, then access your favourites within your personal account profile under “Favourite Ads". You will find all your favourites are listed there. You can un-favourite that ad by clicking on or touching the “Unfavourite Ad" Heart symbol on the right hand side of Favourite Ads. 

How To Report Ad?

If you are dissatisfied with contents of an advertisement and would to report that ad, you can do so by clicking on or touching the flag symbol under the “Ad Actions" block. The ad will remain active until an  administrator reviews the ad, and evaluates whether it should be removed or remain. The ad will remain active until the administrator has evaluated. 

Does the People's Classifieds Manage Transactions Between Parties?

The answer is no, absolutely not. The Peoples Classifieds is merely a place where one individual or group can connect to another individual or group. No payment of any kind is held or processed in relation to a persons interactions on this site ,where goods and services are either provided or sold.

We are like your local paper online, you connect with who you would like to do business or interact then you solely are responsible for what should transpire between you and the other party. 

Further the People's Classified's does not manage, maintain or arrange the delivery of any items nor do we involve or ourselves in communication between parties in relation to the delivery of those items. We are only a place for the people to connect, very much like your local paper.